Business Solutions

Electronic Queue Management System Consulting provide businesses technologically driven products and best industry practices to achieve operational excellence.

Our area of expertise and business acumen helps you grow your business and enhance your customer journey and in-store experience. EQMS offers a wide range of support and business services which ensure our drive and commitment towards your business excellence and growth.

At EQMS our first step is to understand your company and business needs. We then tailor and customize our solutions to meet your unique needs, ensuring that your business and future needs are aligned with ours. Our business solutions include Business Intelligence Reports, Customer Feedback System and Customer Flow Management. These business solutions coupled with our advanced technological products helps you address a range of customer needs, including customer relationship management and enhanced customer experience.

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Business Intelligence Reports

Our BI reports help you take real-time business decisions which help you enhance your service scape and customer experience. Our business intelligence algorithms coupled with real-time dashboards and interactive visualizations make decision making very easy.

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Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management is an integral part of our queue management ecosystem. Our customer experience specialists carefully work with your firm to develop your customers journey and efficiency at all touch points.

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Mobile Ticketing

The Mobile Ticketing application is the bridge between the evolving user and the physical world, allowing them to take the power of queuing in their own hands. This system allows users a seamless and personalized experience to book a ticket at any of their desired branch locations from their smartphones.

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