Customer Experience Management

The service area is a physical space where an organization interacts with customers for mainly executing transactional activities, which are inherent in the business model.

Organizing, engaging, and measuring play a specific role that may serve as an instrument to categorize the actions performed at the service area. Electronic Queue Management System Consulting follows Wavetec’s philosophy and expertise on customer experience management. Perspective on Customer Experience Management is the convergence point between an individual’s needs and the organization.


Customer Experience Management

Customer’s experience is the main thread of Wavetecs and EQMS philosophy. It revolves around three main concepts: organizing, connecting, and measuring. This experience design process needs observation and analysis of people’s behavior in order to determine infrastructure role, service stuff, technological tools, and the content which mediates customers’ relation with the brand.

Accordingly, technology plays a key role when making strategies viable and later implementing them for providing service. Choosing a technological solution calls for the analysis of many variables, yet the most important one is the capacity to approach, connect, and facilitate the communication between brand and consumers.

The experience design is a process that continuously feeds itself back from and is built through observation. This observation increases the likelihood of success when the organization achieves an external positioning, away from previous hypothesis and focused on recording human behavior at the service area in detail.

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