Business Intelligence Reports

What if you can predict future trends, uncover detailed customer insights and increase operational efficiency.

Our business intelligence and reporting systems equip you to take real-time business decisions which help you enhance your service scape and customer experience. Our business intelligence algorithms coupled with real-time dashboards and interactive visualizations make decision making very easy.

We offer a web based reporting platform which allows you view and extract interactive reports and view real-time dashboards. This in-depth understanding of your customer and your service levels will equip you to outperform your competition in no time.



Our business intelligence and reporting portal is centrally configured which can be accessed from any location. Th portal allows you to construct the queue management network based on your business requirements and delivers real-time information as well as reports which helps the manager to view and analyse the customer flow in each branch and assist the user in serving the customers in more efficient and orderly manner.

Multilingual Interface

The business intelligence tools facilitates the user with multilingual feature in three different languages which include Arabic, French and Spanish. It exhibits the complete portal including Real time Monitoring section and all the reports in the selected language.

Performance Reports

To better gauge your branch and employee performance, our reporting system allows you to view key performing queue indicators which help you take key business decisions. Reports help managers visualize and analyse key data which illustrates information like key business trends and exceptions.

Interactive Dashboards

Our rich and interactive dashboards give you the most powerful tool-information which help you identify the business metrics. Dashboard include key deliverable like no. of tickets waiting in the branch, total counters, no. of active counter, average service time, average wait time and much more.The unique dashboard information and design features with captivating graphics allows you to take data driven decisions faster than ever before.

Service Quality Reports (SQL)

Service quality reports are the essence of business intelligence. SQL reports give you the birds eye view and also the service audit of how your business is performing. The reports highlight and pin-point key areas of improvement in terms of service time, customer wait time, lost customers and much more.

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