Mobile Ticketing

Being an innovative and technology driven company, we aim to eliminate physical lines and crowded waiting rooms by using a mobile framework

People wait TWO YEARS of their lives standing in a line. Our Mobile Ticketing solution allows you to overcome problems such as disorganized and long waiting lines, increased customer waiting time and increasing customer dissatisfaction. Moreover our mobile ticketing application offers an integrated reporting performance systems which enables you to monitor key service deliverable’s thus creating a competitive edge in the market place.



Smartphones are considered to be the best technological advancements in the modern era. This mobile revolution has transformed how people communicate and do business in today’s world.

The Mobile Ticketing application is the bridge between the evolving user and the physical world, allowing them to take the power of queuing in their own hands. This system allows users a seamless and personalized experience to book a ticket at any of their desired branch locations from their smartphones.

Some of the major features of our solution are:

  • Easy, convenient, flexible and cost effective for customers
  • Save time and improves efficiency
  • Instant message and push notification
  • Instant notification
  • Brings you more customers
  • Frees waiting areas
  • Personalized Experience
  • Reduce Overall Wait Time
  • Reduces anxiety and makes wait seem less
  • No uncertain and unexplained waits
  • Real-time user reviews/feedback
  • Set alarm reminders
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