Digital Signage

In today’s world consumers are bombarded with millions of messages and firms find it difficult to target the right people, in the right place at the right time.

The answer to this problem is Electronic Queue Management System Consulting’s, Digital Signage Solution. Our signage solution is an electronic display that shows constantly changing messages which are easy to schedule . Our applications vary from industry to industry where we provide public information to create an enhanced customer/visitor experience by showing advertisements and other content.

Donatello, a digital signage solution is a flexible and easy to control device which offers a high degree of measurability. It allows you to schedule and place information where your target customers are most likely to be and change this according to the changing needs of your business. The solution allows you to create, manage and distribute content electronically to digital networks which are centrally managed and can also be linked with a queue management system.

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The Donatello Player is an Android OS based hardware unit specially designed to meet various sort of Digital Signage requirements from different market verticals. It is a state of the art fusion of hardware and software. Donatello is Wavetec’s Digital Signage solution that allows corporations to connect with its customers through an exceptional network of digital displays.

The prime aim of this product is to leverage your business by providing the right message, to the right person at the right time. Donatello is a Digital Signage player managed by Donatello Suite-a web-based application that delivers high definition videos and images, live TV, RSS Feeds, Stock Tickers, integration tools, scheduling and more, all from one central location, at any-time, anywhere.


Benefits of Donatello-Digital Signage Solution
Donatello comes with a flexible template for designing and scheduling system
Supports Live TV Streaming and High definition Videos & Images
Leading industrial design facilitating easy plug and play
It comes with alert and notification options and can also run real-time central updates
Also has the feature to schedule RSS feeds, financial tickers, weather and time
Who benefits from Digital Signage

In the past decade, global advertising landscape has transformed dramatically. With the decline in traditional mediums of advertising such as print and media, demand for interactive and innovative channels has sky-rocketed.

Digital signage can now be found in many different business sectors, such as airports, pedestrian walkways, restaurants, retail, banks and much more. Application of digital signage varies from industry to industry but the main purpose is to craft and convey appealing and appropriate messages to engage customers.


Digital signage at airports and airline counters significantly enhances the travel experience of passengers. It is mainly used as source of information for passengers. Donatello helps in reducing the work and of both airport and airline staff and is mostly used as source of information such as arrival and status boards, alert systems and advertising.


Digital signage give banks an amazing opportunity to showcase their products and services to existing and potential customers when they are waiting in a queue. Donatello is widely used in the banking industry as means of information and a marketing tool while customer wait to be served. It is also integrated with queue management system, displaying ticketing and queuing information in real-time basis.


Digital signage has recently becoming very popular at universities, colleges and schools. Main application of signage is in terms of informational displays as it helps in educating students, provide emergency alerts, helps in locating classrooms and advertise about events. They are also used for menu displays at universities and collages.


Donatello offers a direct and efficient communication platform for the Public sector helping your organization to disseminate information timely with minimum cost and efforts. It is primarily used as an informational source and helps in disseminating important information such as emergency messages, important news, public safely messages, disaster warnings


Digital signage applications in the health sector have become very popular. Mainly hospitals use it for information sharing in waiting rooms for updates, hospital and doctor information and for health and public announcements. Donatello has been widely used in hospitals as it can directly be linked with queue management system and imparts live queue information coupled with streaming of other updates.


All retail outlets are focused in creating higher revenues and are now recognizing the effectiveness of digital signage solutions. Our signage solutions help you capitalize on on your retail space by helping you promote new products, brands, offers and also help you guide your customers to checkouts.



PICASSO- Digital Signage Software

Picasso is a powerful digital signage software which is integrated with Donatello. It is a digital signage solution that lets small and large businesses to share meaningful data via an exciting digital medium. It is a complete solution that facilitates its clients to create a network of customizable digital displays that can be controlled remotely and displays live or stored content over both online and offline networks. Picasso is capable of creating, managing and delivering content at any time and at any place. Any kind of content varying dynamic data, textual information, graphics, videos, images etc. can be easily managed, designed and delivered over a digital signage network.

Picasso is designed to empowering customers to manage the complete workflow of a digital display network including content management, canvas (layout) designing, scheduling, deployment and playback. The product elements of Picasso are:

  • Content Creation
  • Content Scheduling
  • Content Distribution
  • Split Screen Content
  • Content Approval
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Email Alerts

Picasso is a comprehensive suite which enables you to create digital signage content in blink of an eye. It allows you to create more than one scene which can contain text, HD images and video. In addition to this it allow users to centrally update the latest application version and the contents of the Donatello player from a centralized location. Moreover, external data feeds such as RSS feeds can also be scheduled centrally.

Creating movies has never been easy. Picasso’s drag and drop graphical interface, coupled with advanced settings enhances your ability to show the right content at the right time. The Movie Player and Image Player add video files/playlist and images within the canvas. Movie Player size is adjustable followed with images that can be flipped and placed at any point in the interval.

Picasso suite gives you an opportunity to add objects such as videos, text, tickers and sound. This feature is provided to facilitate the functionality of dynamically transforming large text strings into a cropped multi-line text to be displayed as per defined flip interval.

Picasso supports easy split screen content during playbacks. Each canvas play independently and the content is displayed individually on the screen. The canvases can be split into multiple zones which makes the view more systematized and eye-catching. It is also equipped with a feature to preview all the controls after designing which generates the run-time view of Canvas.

The digital signage software provides the flexibility to build stable and reliable content which can be played and scheduled at any point in time. The player will run continuously and can update content in real-time basis according to the plan set in the content scheduler.

The scheduler is equipped with advance feature for slot intervals ranging from one hour to one minute and addition of custom dates. It also offers a copy over feature that allows to copy a given schedule of a day over other weekday(s) or custom date(s).
Moreover the scheduler provides 24/7, reliable and stable playback operation and is scalable to support large network of players.

Support Content Moderation which is used to approve/disapprove by the authorized users before publishing it on Donatello Players.

The Network Monitoring System provides comprehensive event management, performance monitoring, reporting and player information. The key features of the system will assist user in the constant monitoring of a set of connected Player network for slow or failing components and notifying the network administrator in case of outages or any other discrepancies It also provides a bird eye view of the status of the player and its condition of services which are currently installed and are running on it.

Moreover, Dashboard Summary is also available which gives a bird’s eye view of the entire set of connected Players in terms of their currently running canvas. The details of the status can then be drilled down from the Players Status screen to check that which important component of service is non-functional at the Player’s end.

Another powerful tool embedded in this system is the detailed audit report section. This is composed of the following:
Status Reports: The Status report displays a comprehensive report of at what times the Player was online and was either Application Offline or Player Offline.
Audit Trail Report: The Audit Trail report displays a comprehensive report of what and where changes has been made in the player canvas along with the update date and time.
RSS History Report: The RSS history report displays the history information of RSS feeds which are saved on daily bases. The information is displayed given a specific Date range, RSS Name or Text Data source Name.

This feature of Email Alerts actives generate when the Donatello player is offline. The user is allowed to make modification in the sender, receiver, subject or body of the email alerts according to his requirement.
This feature allows the user to centrally update the latest application version and the contents of the Donatello player from any centralized location. In addition to any firmware upgrades and scheduling following contents can be centrally updated

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Text
  • Web Browser
  • eQ component Information
  • RSS Feeds
Dimension (Casing) 100mm(L)* 105mm(W)*27mm(T)
Material ABS Material (Plastic)
Weight 150 gms
Power supply to the Unit +5 VDC / 2A
Operating Temperature 5-35 deg Celsius
Humidity Maximum – 85% (relative humidity; non-condensing)
Processor ARM Cortex A9
Frequency 800Hz
Internal memory 4GB
Hardware Decoding
Video MPEG-1,MPEG-2, MPEG-4,H.264, VC-1 1080P,WMV, MOV
Audio MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV
Resolution 1280×720

Sample System Configuration

Input / Output
USB 2 external
Card Slot 1 SD Card for memory extension to 16GB
Video output 1 x HDMI OR1 x CVBSOR1 x YPbPr
Ethernet 1 RJ45 port
Wifi 802.11/b/g/n
Operating System
Android 4.0.4
Wall mounting bracket to House Donatello

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