Queue Management

At Electronic Queue Management System Consulting, our goal is to streamline customer flow in an organized fashion.

Our state of the art queue management systems and our proven queuing solutions enable you to increase service efficiency, decreases customer wait time and increases revenue.

Standing in a queue or waiting for your turn is not anyone’s favorite activity. It is the low quality of service which results in long waits thus decreasing the efficiency of the organization. Many industries face enormous customer footfall and companies have to serve more people than it can handle. Electronic Queue Management System Consulting help firms and their employees to manage, track and prioritize the service to ensure timely and efficient delivery to every customer.

Did you know that customers always over estimate their wait time by 50%. Waiting is extremely frustrating, distressful and time consuming. We provide our client’s with exceptional customer experience through Single & Multiple line queue system & Virtual Queue Systems. Our solutions help reduce wait time, provide fair delivery and in return eliminate stress.

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Our queuing systems are designed taking into account various industry needs and practices. We offer both Single Line and Virtual Queuing systems allowing us to enhance the customer experience in any environment.

Single Line Queue System

Our single line queue system is an ideal solution for one service environments thus optimizing the space and enhancing your business’s operational efficiency. This is the most simple and basic system which offers a push button service whereby the teller/agent instantly calls the next customer in the queue. This system is also equipped with a ticketing dispenser, and display units alerting the customer to proceed to the available counter. Moreover, more than one single line queue systems can also be integrated together allowing more teller’s/agents to serve increasing customers.

Benefits of installing Single and Multiple Line Queuing Systems
Increases Customer Satisfaction by 30%, resulting in greater revenues and profits
Decreases wait time and service time by 50%, resulting in enhanced service quality level
Helps managers improve their staff and branch operational efficiency
Eliminates irregular and haphazard queuing, thus serving customers fairly
Enhances customer and branch/retail experience & Eliminate customer anxiety
Virtual Queue System

Our state of the art virtual queue management system makes sure that the customer is entertained by the right agent/teller or the service specialist as per the users requirement.

Our virtual queuing system is intelligently designed to increase service efficiency and customer satisfaction rates. Our years of experience and technological advancements have allowed us to create a perfect queue system which enhances customers experience by reducing the precieved and actual customer wait time through the effective and intelligent use of our digital signage solutions.

This advanced queuing system frees customer from waiting in long queues and creates a much pleasant and favourable environment whereby the user/customer can indulge in impulse buying.

Benefits of installing Virtual Queuing Systems
Easy and simple to use allowing more customer engagement
Reduces customer wait and service time by 50%
Seamlessly combines with all components of queue management system
Eliminates irregular and haphazard queuing, thus serving customers fairly
Enhances customer and branch/retail experience & Eliminate customer anxiety
Queue system enables you to optimise and improve your staff’s performance
Ticket Dispensing Unit

Ticket Dispensing Unit (TDU) is a sleek, customer-centric industrial design touch screen ticket dispensing machine. It is equipped with the latest printing technology which allows faster and high quality printing.


  • Comes with a bright LED backlit display
  • Displays up to 10 service categories
  • TDU comes with rich UI screens screen templates for easy personalization
  • Fast and high resolution ticket printing
  • Comes with multilingual ticket and display interface
  • Customizable tickets offer promotional and branding

Touch Screen Self Service Kiosk

The most advanced touch screen ticketing unit which enables you to take control of your queues. It comes in 17 inches TFT with 16.1M colors capacitive touch screen display.


  • It comes with priority ticketing which can also be integrated with loyalty/membership cards.
  • Comes with Dual printer functionality enabling auto switching when paper finishes
  • Screen saver mode allows marketing, promotion and advertising options
  • Controls an unlimited number of Services/Queues
  • SMS capability for hailing customers by text message
  • Optional kiosk graphics available for branding
  • Customizable tickets offer promotional and branding
  • Linked with reporting system for real-time reports
  • 4GB built-in storage and 1GB RAM (External SD card supported)
  • Wireless LAN connectivity (Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n )
  • Scratch resistant body

Counter Display Unit (CDU)

Counter display units are usually wall mounted which notifies waiting customers of the counter number and the ticket being served on each counter. The ticket number flashes when service representative hits the next button. CDU also comes in a wireless connectivity model which transmits data using wireless 802.15.4 standard signal strength.

Status Display Unit (SDU)

Status display units are used to aid customers to be directed at the service counters when their turn arrives.Customers are called to the service window via these display units which are placed strategically around the queuing area. SDU flashes ticket numbers to be served along with their respective service counters

Teller Station Unit (TSU)

Teller Station unit is a hardware keypad based solution for ticket calling that can be easily placed on the counter. It has a LCD screen for displaying information coupled with call next, transfer, wait, random call and other queue features.

Soft Teller Station Unit

The Soft TSU is software based application which works exactly like a hard TSU. This application can be installed on any computer system and is then integrated with the queue management control system.

  • Shows the average wait-time of customers in the current service/queue
  • Directly linked with priority calling and loyalty/membership cards
  • It has the option of sequential and random calling of customers
  • It comes with multilingual support

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