Set the ball Rolling

At the grocery store, at the mall, in the cafeteria, the bank, and the cinema…standing in a line is something that everyone unanimously loves to hate. How do you make something as unlikeable not only bearable but an act that won’t become a deterrent to the rest of your services.

It is essential that the customers who visit your area of operations do not feel tortured while waiting in a line as it is likely to lead to high level of dissatisfaction among customers and bad word of mouth as well.

When customer comes and sees the line he gets the feeling of doom settling upon him which can only be avoided if he feels occupied while he is waiting in the line. Therefore, when a customer enters a queue, he/she should be engaged and should be entered in the system right away so that they feel that their service has begun.

It is a known fact that customers are more likely to feel patient while they are waiting during the service as opposed to waiting before the service. To get this done, queue management systems come in handy.

For instance, a customer on entering a restaurant should not only be greeted and told to wait but he could be directed to a touch screen kiosk where he can enter the queue by taking the ticket.

While the customer waits he should be given a menu card and digital signage can be used to screen appealing pictures of scrumptious dishes on the menu card, the deal of the day/month etc. Moreover, he can be given a taste of delicacies as hors d’oeuvres or he can be served a mint lemonade shot for instance that would have a cooling effect and would make the wait bearable. Furthermore, the digital signage will also allow him to judge when he will get a table and how much more he would have to wait, thus making the wait seem shorter.

Hence, by engaging the customer and by making him feel that he has been made part of the process, the waiting time can be made bearable and even pleasant.