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Aviation industry is one of the most competitive industry where airports and airlines are constantly trying to enhance customer service.

A recent report published by International Civil Aviation Authority states that by 2030, more than 6 billion people will be using air transport for business and travel purposes. Today in order to beat the competition it is essential that airports and airlines effectively manage and maintain their passenger queues and be able to cater to ever increasing passenger flow.

The ever growing customer expectations creates an immense pressure on the service industry. At EQMS we understand your customer flow problems and continuously work towards providing you with the best queuing solutions which increases work and employee efficiency.

Our state of the art passenger flow system is ideal for airports and airline service areas. Our passenger queue management system takes you a long way to enhance customers satisfaction.

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Our systems are equipped to make service areas more informed and improve their efficiency. Our advanced passenger flow systems, queue management and digital signage solutions enhance customer experience and provides additional revenue streams.

Managing passengers’ waiting time is key to improving airports customer flow and business performance. Moreover it is integral for airlines to understand how their customers experience delays while queuing.

Several airlines all over the world, including Emirates,use passenger queue systems to manage the passenger flow and to improve their operational efficiency.

Our systems enable you to provide a clear and visible flow for your customer’s thus reducing passenger uncertainly as to where and how to queue.


  • Fair Serving procedure
  • Organized waiting areas
  • Segregate your customers based on priority
  • Monitor Service KPI’s on a real time basis
  • Multilingual interface
  • Centralized and real-time reporting
  • Real time KPI’s of front line employees
  • Saves customers time spent in waiting
  • Customers can provide feedback in real-time


Great passenger experience is crucial in order to improve an airport’s performance. With airports crowded with passengers 24/7 it is essential to manage and uplift their experience. This is primarily done by reassuring the passenger with clear signage and display about the estimated waiting time and ensuring that all queues are flowing in a smooth fashion. This allows the passenger to feel less stressed and is more likely to enjoy the airport experience.

Our digital signage solution provides a unique opportunity in creating an interactive media experience that empowers you with far more than just a simple media controller. The prime aim of this product is to leverage your business by providing the right message, to the right person at the right time.

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Queue System installed at Emirates


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