Managing long queues during peak business hours has always been a huge problem for banks.

Long queues are a big alarm sign for banks and also for the customers. They explain the quality of service and also companies initiative towards making customer experience more favourable.

In retail banking industry, queuing remains one of the most common reasons for customer disgust. Despite technological advances such as online and mobile banking, customers still complain about their bank.

Our queue management systems are specially designed for banks allowing them to reduce queue lengths and increase staff productivity and operational efficiency. In recent years, the banking industry has transformed and banks are now competing for a higher share of customers wallet. This can only be achieved if banks provide exceptional service with a delightful customer experience. Our queue solutions are equipped to make your customer journey more superior and seamless.

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Our queue management systems are intelligently designed to meet the banking industry needs. Our years of experience and strategic partnership has allowed us to advance is our queuing systems and features. Our queue system offers a wide range of applications from a Single Line Queue System to a Multiple Line Queuing System allowing you to cater to a wide banking services.

Our state of the art virtual queue management system makes sure that customer is entertained by the right banking representative. It is an intelligent system which is designed to increase your branch’s performance and operational efficiency. With our solutions customer enter the virtual queue line the moment they take a ticket using a self service kiosk. Once their ticket number reaches the teller, the customer is intimated using digital signage solutions allowing them to approach the specific counter. This advanced queuing system frees customer from waiting in long queues and creates a much pleasant and favourable environment whereby the user/customer can indulge in impulse buying.

Several banks all over the world, including Interbank, KCB, Lloyds, RBS and many more use queue management system at their branches to improve customer flow and experience.


Banks experience immense customer footfall. While waiting to be served there exists an opportunity to cross-sell and advertise your product and services. This opportunity is now possible with our digital signage solution, Donatello, which creates a LCD screen into a queue information display and a source of advertising and information.

Donatello is a perfect solution for banks as it not only informs customers of banking services and promotions but it also acts as form of information and entertainment, thus decreasing the perceived wait-time. This system can be wall mounted anywhere at the branch around waiting areas, behind teller stations and kiosks. Donatello design and content management software can optimize dynamic displays and transactional kiosks for banking and financial institutions.


Managing and keeping up-to-date with how customers perceive your service is integral for any companies success. This stands true specially for banking industry where competition is fierce and banks are trying to win over more customers.

Our feedback system, Opinion Plus is a perfect tool which help banks to better gauge how customers rate their service. The tablet based system can be installed at any teller desk and can also be placed as a stand alone kiosk for instant feedback. Moreover this system can also be integrated with our queuing system making it a much detailed and comprehensive customer feedback solution.

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Queue System installed at Interbank


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