Federal, state and local government agencies have always been trying to gauge their service level and reflect it in on customers.

However government departments have always faced long queues and customers and visitors are always left with a disgust. Government agencies are not increasingly looking to improve customer service levels and are making efforts to enhance customer experience.

Our queue management system is a step towards making customer experience more favourable for government office visitors/customers. The system smartly manages queues at any customer interaction point making your service more customer centric.



The process of enhancing customer experience starts the moment a visitor/customer enters the government office. The individual selects a service category he/she is interested in and the system intelligently connects the user to the right government representative.

Our queue systems have helped many government departments/offices in managing their customer flow. Several departments including Dubai Police, Bahrain Ministry of Commerce and Saudi Post have are taking advantage of our smart systems to mange the visitor/ customer flow and to improve their operational efficiency.

Research explains that many government and customer service organizations, managing customer flow and queuing can improve both efficiency and customer satisfaction.


  • Increase’s employee efficiency
  • Increase’s customer satisfaction and services levels
  • Reduce number of people sitting in waiting areas
  • Eliminate unfair serving customers
  • Helps in increasing employee morale
  • Established KPI’s to measure performance


Government announcements need to reach a very diverse and broad audience both at offices and service centres.

Digital signage is the most effective and convenient way to project government’s information to the right people at the right place. Donatello allows you to combine video, graphics, announcements and other informational data on one LCD screen. In addition to this queue information, bulletins, updates, stock market news, rates, market tickers, weather reports and news feeds can also be displayed via user-friendly interface that allows for easy creation, scheduling and delivery of communications.


  • Means of information exchange
  • Can be used to welcome customer
  • Used as means of advertising
  • Deliver important news and announcements as they happen
  • Share emergency messages in real-time
  • Show event schedules with on-time updates
  • Show live data such as market updates


A well managed government complaint and feedback system can benefit the state greatly as it is an opportunity to learn and build a strong service and brand identity.

Our customer feedback system, Opinion Plus is specially designed to make it easier for customers to lodge their complaints and feedback at one stop solution. Customer feedback tablets can be placed strategically at all service points making it convenient and accessible for customers to give their feedback about the products and services.

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Queue System installed at Saudi Post


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