Queues are primarily formed when customers request for a service. In healthcare, patients are the customers where outpatient clinics, laboratory diagnostic centres or hospitals are the service facilities.

In a typical healthcare centre, it consists of one or more service counters with one or more servers where patients are entertained. Mostly queues formed at healthcare facilities are ubiquitous and cause a lot of frustration as prolonged delay in services are observed. This results in patient discomfort resulting in medical conditions that can increase subsequent treatment costs and poor health outcomes.

Given the problems and negative consequences faced by patients due to poor queuing at healthcare patient flow management systems arise as the best solution to overcome this problem. Our patient queue management system makes your patient service area more informed and increases operational efficiency.




Our queue solutions are specially designed for outpatient clinics, laboratory diagnostic centres and hospitals. Our queue management systems helps you manage a seamless flow of patients from an initial entry point to check out. The system allows to facilitate process efficiency and improve overall operational excellence at healthcare facilities by enhancing the patient experience.

From patient check-in to patient calling and appointment management, all integration facilities are optimized using patient flow management system.


  • Management of patient queues more efficiently and conveniently
  • System allows real time queue status information
  • Reduces patient wait time and service time considerably
  • Makes service areas less crowded with patients
  • Multilingual interface
  • Clearly shows length of wait of each patient
  • Real-time reporting allows efficient management of hospital services
  • Makes operational tasks more systematic as doctors are alerted when waiting times are exceeds


Keeping patients and visitors informed, educated and engaged in an healthcare industry can be achieved using digital signage. Our digital signage solution gives you an opportunity to interact with your customers when they seated in the waiting area. Donatello, digital signage solution allows you to reach out to patients via important educational announcements, programs and advertisements. Moreover, this system can also be seamlessly integrated with our queue management system, allowing patients to see queue information in real-time.


  • Delivers real-time information such as important announcements and alerts
  • Source of engaging with patients through personalized messages
  • Added revenue through targeted advertising
  • Stream live videos, Television through Donatello
  • Share upcoming events and disease awareness seminars


With a feedback system installed at any healthcare facility, the management can increase the understanding of how patients perceive practitioner’s service and you can highlight areas of improvements. This vital piece of information can help you create and transform a patient experience at any hospital facility.

Opinion Plus, a customer feedback solution allows patients to record real-time feedback using a tablet based or a self service kiosk. This is usually placed in patient service and waiting areas and collects patient views at any given point in time. Moreover, this system has the capability to seamlessly be integrated with a queue management system making reporting and customer feedback more comprehensive.

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Queue System installed at Chapidze Cardiac Hospital


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