Our single queue solution for check-outs, allows you to speed up check-out process in order to improve customer service.

Customers hate waiting in queues. Research proves that waiting at retail checkouts is the main cause of customer disgust and dissatisfaction. Enhancing customer experience is imperative for any retail outlet, from supermarkets to clothing chains. Reducing queuing lines and making the overall customer journey more pleasant is critical to success.

We offer retail queue systems which will help you transform customer retailing experience and will provide you with key From this, the system is able to capture accurate queue data and calculate, in real time, average queue lengths, wait times and transaction times. information such as wait time, service time, transaction time and much more.




Managing long retail queues has now become and increasingly important issue for many retailers globally. Long queues are observed at checkouts where staff finds it more stressful and nerve wrecking to serve customers under pressure.

Our single queue solution for check-outs, allows you to speed up check-out process in order to improve customer service. When customer reaches check-out, he/she is called to the next available counter via a counter display unit and sound announcement.


  • Enables faster check-out process and employee productivity
  • Increase customer satisfaction and purchasing rates
  • Allows better operational efficiency
  • Real-time reporting and dashboards to monitor staff performance
  • Makes service areas more informed and organized
  • Reduces customer wait and service time
  • Faster and quality service helps in enhancing sales
  • Higher efficiency of sales teams


Retail digital signage is a powerful tool. Retail environment is very fast paced and it is very important tp have technology that can deliver the right message, to the right customer at the right time. Our digital signage solution,Donatello delivers quick and measurable results. Donatello allows you to display promotional messages, discounts, marketing videos and much more from just one platform.


  • Delivers real-time information such as important announcements and alerts
  • Source of engaging and targeting customers through personalized promotional messaging
  • Added revenue through targeted advertising
  • Stream live videos, Television through Donatello
  • Share upcoming events promotional offers
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