Step Up the Game Using Customer Feedback

During his lunch hour, Luke strolls in your store to capitalize on the 45 minutes he has. He stops when he looks at the four queues on four different counters and goes to the smallest one. He taps his foot while staring in space or at the head of the person standing in front of him.

After a while he looks at his watch and a beat later at the grandfather clock in your store. He waits for his turn while memorizing the print of the shirt of the person standing in front of him meanwhile he acknowledges the fact that his shoes need to be polished when he tries to change scenery in the queue. Just as he sees the queue set in motion after what seems like ages, he is about to move his leg forward but is stopped when he sees a person entering the line two customers ahead of him. Luke’s blood boils as he looks around for an employee to speak his mind to, he glares at his watch and then stomps out of your store and mourns his ruined lunch hour.

Would you want your customer to be Luke? The essence here is not just the satisfaction the service would provide but the waiting time as well. If on top of it being the peak hour he has to wait in a queue for his turn, it will agitate him further…but who does he turn to?

In this age of severe competition it is necessary to not only make the experience of the customers pleasant but to also make the waiting time seem less by engaging the customers using queue management system. Moreover, to gain competitive edge, it is necessary to get customer feedback to optimize on the service that would increase customer traffic and retention.

Customers today want to be heard and they want their opinion to matter. This is a win-win, because it will also help you in gauging ways that would improve customer satisfaction. Opinion Plus, for example, is a touch screen based system provisioned with queue management and feedback systems. It is a tool that records feedback from customers using on-screen keyboards which can records open ended and closed ended responses, both. It can also be integrated with queue management system to perform analysis of service, employees and systems in place.

Furthermore, it gives an outlet for customers to have their say and know that it is valued and will be used in future for improvement hence taking customer satisfaction up a notch. It can also take polls, create reports and share promotional messages and videos with the customer who uses it to submit his feedback. Opinion Plus can be installed at key customer touch points so that their responses can be cashed on

Hence tools such as Opinion Plus can help you in satisfying customers while learning areas of improvement.