Ways of Making Digital Signage Effective in Retail

Ways of Making Digital Signage Effective in Retail

Emily entered a supermarket, grabbed a trolley, and went down every aisle picking things of her use that were on her list of things-to-buy. Once done, she went to stand in a queue leading to the counter; there is a couple standing in front of her along with about 7 to 8 customers more. She stands there and notices what the couple is conversing about, the two kids running around the counter, the pale grey tiles that make the place look instantly dull and so much more. She thinks about the things she has purchased. That peanut butter is really not necessary this month, nor is the hand moisturizer or the paper towels. She takes them out of the trolley and moves on. She removes two more items by the time she reaches counter.

Had Emily been engaged in the queue, she wouldn’t have taken these items out of her trolley? Instead, she might have purchased more had that window been used properly. In order to make queues bearable for the customers, they can be converted into a whole new customer experience while generating more sales for the principal (supermarket in this case).

Here is how it can be done;


When something is out of the ordinary, people are more likely to take it into consideration and to notice it. In order to catch customer’s eyes and to optimize on the experience use catchy phrases and pictures that would appeal to the customers.


Engage the customers waiting in the queue to give their feedback. Use of digital signage and feedback mechanisms allows customers to give feedback about their experience and their suggestions. This can lead to making the customer experience better and will help in improving the business and services further.


It is important that when a message is being conveyed it is tailored to the recipient’s needs, background and lifestyle. If a certain message being conveyed using digital signage is being used to deliver a message to teenagers, then the words used, phrases, characters, colors etc should be used according to a teenager’s perspective and something that would appeal to the teenager should be designed.

Hence to get most out of retail signage solutions, the message being conveyed should be eccentric, epitomizing and engaging.